This multidisciplinary meeting will bring together scientists and engineers, computer scientists and clinicians, surgeons and neurologists. The aim is to better understand the various mechanisms involved in Deep brain stimulation (DBS), allowing their modeling and eventually develop new methods, systems and software for a better clinical outcome.

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a technique that has proven effective as reduced invasive surgery to treat among others movement disorders and severe neuropsychological diseases. Literature has shown that clinical improvement as well as the existence of clinical postoperative effects, strongly depend on the location of the electrode. To define this targeting, the clinician uses a lot of data, information and knowledge, explicit, whether clinical data, patient medical images or digital atlas or implicit, whether anatomical or neurological knowledge, literature data or the results of clinical experience.

For this, decision-helping computerized systems are being developed, for the formalization and integration of the data, information and knowledge. These systems must be able to assist targeting in pre- and intraoperative stage, and the evaluation during post surgical period. Understanding the associated neurological phenomena, optimization of materials and stimulation parameters are additional elements for a successful treatment.

The objectives of this workshop are

  • to present recent research on these different topics,
  • to engage new collaborations around methodological challenges in deep brain stimulation.







H. Bergman

J. Yelnik

M. Lefranc

L. Zrinzo

M. Santin

S. Pujol

J. Barcia

V. Coenen

P. Plettig

B. Howell

C. Essert

C. Baumgarten

E. Bardinet

ML. Welter

K. Black

M. Schüpbach

M. Hariz

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